Hit the icy green

Hit the icy green

Triband, the developer behind the hit game, What the Golf? thinks that hitting things and seeing them fly is by far the most fun part of this timeless sport. But why golf with just golf balls? Why not golf a snowman, a carrot, a sleigh, and of course — snowballs! 

Today, What the Golf? It’s Snowtime!, published by The Label is available exclusively on Apple Arcade. 

The only thing that you can count on in this winter-themed Apple Arcade game is constant laughs alongside the goal of golfing just about any object imaginable (including hot dogs!). Featuring 30 new levels, snow scientists and a limited edition winter trophy, What the Golf? “It’s Snowtime!” delivers winter-themed comedic gameplay for mobile gamers of all ages.

“Golf is simply boring! That’s why we fixed it!,” said Tim Garbos, Creative Director on What the Golf?, developed by Triband. “Balls are golf, horses are golf, snow is golf, you are golf!”   

“Since What The Golf? was first conceptualized in 2017, it has been a pleasure working with the Triband team on this award-winning game,” said Mike Ouye, VP and General Manager, The Label. “People around the world turn to it for humor, a way to challenge or connect with friends or a fun diversion, which is something that we all could use more of right now.” 

Watch the trailer to check out a few highlights from the What the Golf? Its Snowtime! Apple Arcade game. 

And don’t miss this video featuring comedians D’Arcy Carden and Sam Richardson; it perfectly encapsulates the hilarious absurdity of the game.

Happy golfing!