The Label’s First Five Games Release Early 2018

IndiePlus Finalists Flightless, Kamibox, and Sean Shin Set to Release Next Games Exclusively on The Label alongside Veteran Developers Ed McMillen, Asher Vollmer, and Tim Garbos

2017 IndiePlus finalists Alike Studio, Flightless, Kamibox, and Sean Shin join renowned indies Ed McMillen, Asher Vollmer, and Tim Garbos in partnering with The Label. The Label was founded to help people discover the best premium mobile games. By partnering with the most interesting game makers to develop exclusive, innovative titles, and by releasing them in a completely new way, The Label wants to change the way people think about mobile games. It all starts with the first slate of five games from five creators, releasing all together in Early 2018.

When free-to-play mobile game company FunPlus started the IndiePlus contest three years ago, the idea was to celebrate indie game-makers creating special and inspiring mobile games that don’t always find their way to the top of the Grossing charts. “The games being made in the indie community are incredible, and mobile game players deserve to find them. But the premium game business is tough to make work these days, so we decided to try to fix it,” said FunPlus CSO Dan Fiden. The Label was born.

The Label is partnering not only with the best indie developers that we all know, such as Ed McMillen (Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac,) Mark Rubin (Call of Duty,) Asher Vollmer (THREES!,) and Will Stallwood and Dain Saint (Tailwind,) but also with incredible developers that haven’t yet had their big break. Tim Garbos, creator of Progress to 100 and the first ever winner of the IndiePlus contest, will also release his next title on The Label, as will Kamibox’s See/Saw and Sean Shin’s Maruta Escape.

“The IndiePlus contest was designed to introduce us to new talent, innovative ideas, and games that weren’t on our radar,” said Robert Bowling, Head of A&R at The Label. “This year’s entries were incredible – games like Alike Studio’s Bring You Home and ELEMENT by Flightless. Bringing these games on to The Label adds so much to an already amazing line-up. We think players are going to love them.”


We’re launching a new kind of publishing initiative focused on bringing purpose and value back to premium gaming on mobile. We feel it’s too hard for players to find good games on their phones and that it’s too difficult for developers to make money on their premium experiences with mobile.

We believe we can solve those problems and reverse the industry trend by focusing on releasing extremely high quality premium mobile games with the world’s best indie creators, and we’re starting that vision with our first slate of games from our favorite developers. Rolling Stone recently launched a dedicated gaming division called GLIXEL and we sat down with them exclusively to discuss our new vision for mobile publishing:

‘Creating the HBO of mobile gaming’ – GLIXEL